How To Give Your Home that Wow Factor So It Sells Fast

Published: 01st October 2009
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When looking for a home to buy I always look for the home that is poorly decorated. Why?

They are less expensive to buy initially. I can decorate with the best of decorators. And I bargain hard, too. Remodeling can take a lot of money, usually more than we anticipate.

But what if you are selling? You want to get the best price you can for your home. You want to have a product the looks picture perfect. You want a product that attracts lots of potential prospects and wows them!

One of the ways you can do this is to present more architecture and less decorating. Decorating that is trendy will be out of date in just a few years. Save money and get more bang for your dollar. Can you identify '80's style sofas? Probably you can and so can your buyers. Good upholstered sofas or love seats can be ageless. And then there are those kitchens with melamine cabinets with those oak handles. Those are a death nail to resale right now. But Shaker style kitchen cabinets have been around for 250 years and look great in a lot of houses.

Architecture that is enduring works and saves you lots of money. It's the best! Study up and win with architectural details.

What does this mean?

Most residences are a series of squares and rectangles that you can make more striking by doing the right trims and balanced furniture placement. Make less work for yourself by replacing and repairing things as needed with good neutrals that will work over time. Classics are our friends. Theme decorating will hurt you.

As an example, think of bathrooms with white porcelain fixtures, bead board paneling and marble floors. They never go out of fashion in traditional or cottage style houses, while other things like colored fixtures might could.

People want to see balance and warmth in spaces. They want attractive conversation areas, comfortable dining spaces, and tranquil, romantic master bedrooms.

They also have a fantasy that if they find the right space they will have a perfectly organized, socially active life with all the stuff they have ever desired to have.

You want to play to this desire. What do people want? They want to impress others, have good relationships and a exquisite home.

So how far from this fantasy is your home?

The hard work required to make a space look great may come down to a lot of cleaning and organizing. Perfect closets, great furniture, striking art and good taste all come into what works when you sell a home.

And people want to move in and be comfortable without having to do anything. Most people don't have time, skills or ready money to fix everything that's not right with your product.

But the biggest problems most sellers have is they have a lot of stuff like old wallpaper, peeling paint, musty bathrooms and frayed furniture that turn off buyers and make them run the other way!

Instead of an flower wallpaper border you want some nice wide crown molding. Then look for some built in storage cabinets and/or shelves. Trim them out in a way that matches to outside architecture of your house. If your house is traditional in style you might build an over-mantel over an existing fireplace. However a mid century modern home might look terrific with cork floors that are true to the architectural style of the property.

Choose plain paint in neutral colors in place of labor-intensive paint treatments.

Use natural stone and marble in neutral colors, too. Think basic instead fancy and over the top. When choosing furnishings like newer floors go for wood, ceramic tile, or stone, not vinyl.

Have carpet cleaned or replaced if it is very grubby.

Always keep in mind that you may need to move. Plan for this possibility by purchasing upholstered furniture in solid colors. Avoid printed fabrics or bold patterns and furniture pieces that are very large.

Collected furniture looks more sophisticated than sets or suites that match and take up too much room.

Have loads of nice lighting. Lamps will do if your home lacks built in lighting. And furnish the rooms so that the first glimpse into every area is very nice-looking and alluring.

Make every door and drawer look great when open. Serious prospects look everywhere, especially if they are really interested. Some will just look because they can. So be ready for this examination. Lock up your jewelry and all your financial data.

Do not remodel greatly unless things are in poor repair. Just polish, clean and stage spaces beautifully for their most likely purposes. Choose classic architecture and furniture that isn't too stylish. Make whatever you buy work as long as possible by choosing classic design styles that work with the basic architecture of your house and the next home, too.

We staged 8 homes with the same furnishings over a period of twenty years. Anyone can do it. Just look for classic, eclectic furniture and save loads of cash. Our dining rooms were staged with a cherry drop leaf table, 6 black lacquer Queen Anne chairs and a black lacquer contemporary buffet. This mix worked great for us. I reupholstered the chairs numerous times and had fun doing it, too. Friends would visit us just to see what we had done different with the same old stuff. That drop leaf table was actually one of the first pieces of furniture we ever bought. It even worked in some small apartments, too. That's the kind of things you want. Much of our furniture was used and was refurbished. Very little of it cost a lot of money. You can toss modern in with antiques and have everything work just fine.

Paula and Ron Stone are lifestyle and financial specialists. Their businesses include a private note buying business as well as a no doc jumbo loan business. Check out their websites at Sell A Seller Financed Note and No Income Verification Jumbo Loans

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