Inherent Health Issues For Truck Drivers

Published: 04th September 2009
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Working as a case worker I met a number of former truckers who were having health troubles related to long hours driving.

Many of these long haul drivers were suffering from low back pain having one of two causes.

The first difficulty is low back pain from sitting for hours...and hours...and hours. It was partly caused by not getting enough exercise for the lower body.

The other is bladder issues and the resulting kidney problems that are caused by not emptying the bladder often enough. Holding it forever is bad for your kidneys. Who knew? And this can get really serious.

Car drivers who commute long distances can also have these problems, but truckers are particularly susceptible just because they spend so much time in the driver's seat of the big rigs.

So drivers you should pay close attention to your health. Exercise as much as possible. Walking and hiking are good choices for your particular back problems. Climbing stairs is good, too. Excess weight does tend to gather in our middle when we spend significant time sitting. Weight training is also beneficial for keeping the pounds off, sculpting your body and staying strong. And you don't have to go wild trying to look like a body builder as modest targeted weight lifting can do a lot for you.

And try to make healthy eating on the road a priority. Take food with you, avoid the worst of fast food, and choose things that have less saturated fat when you eat out. Check with your medical professional for guidance. Good diabetic diets are usually workable and could prevent you from getting blood sugar issues, too. Some are available online.

For bladder and kidney problems, don't hold it forever. Empty your bladder regularly. Also try to get by on less caffeine. This is hard for all of us who live on coffee, isn't it? And most of the super-energy drinks pack a double whammy of both sugar (high fructose corn syrup) and lots of caffeine, too. These drinks tend to stimulate the bladder, act as a diuretic and make people insulin resistant (a diabetic precondition).

Holding your urine can also do harm to your kidneys. Drink cranberry juice and water as an alternative at least some of the time. You might also consider a concentrated cranberry pill supplement, which are both convenient and inexpensive. Cranberry is good for men with prostate issues, too.

Try to get as much rest as possible between trips so you don't get sleepy on the road. Also take care and eat a healthy diet and exercise. Did you know people who exercise look and feel younger than people who don't? Make sure you do the things that will enhance your health and keep you driving and having fun, too. It also saves you money in both medical bills and your truck driver health insurance.

You and your health matter, mostly to you and your family. Take care.

Ron Stone is financial professional. His companies include an insurance agency specializing in group insurance for trucking companies. Learn more at his website, Truckers Health Insurance

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